APCC Bridge of Art, Culture, Education and Business for All Generations

APCC Bridge of Art, Culture, Education and Business for All Generations

The Asia Pacific Cultural Center (APCC) offers programs and services that honor the distinct artistry, business protocols, history and social practices for 47 countries and cultures. The lengthy list begins with Australia and ends with Yap, an island in the Federated States of Micronesia. All of the South Sound community is encouraged to experience the array of celebrations and activities.

How about spicing up your life with APCC’s monthly Taste of Asia? It’s a menu of food, fun, and cultural exploration. You will learn how to prepare a dish to make for family and friends.

July 6 – Marshall Islands

Uncover the treasures of the Marshall Islands with a culinary expedition filled with fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and the spirit of island life.

August 3 – Singapore

Singapore’s culinary melting pot awaits. From Hainanese chicken rice to laksa, learn to create the vibrant flavors of this Southeast Asian hub.

September 7 – Myanmar

Embark on a journey through Myanmar’s diverse culinary landscape. Spice up your cooking skills and savor the unique flavors of Burmese cuisine.

Dates are already set through the end of the calendar year. You are invited to dress in the garb of the featured country. Reserve your spots today.

Signature celebrations happen throughout the year at APCC. The New Year Celebration is generally a sold-out event. Maybe you would like to be part of Samoa Cultural Day that includes a parade, singing, dances, arts, crafts, games and authentic cuisine? How about attending a Polynesian luau? For the art-minded, APCC has a rotating art gallery. Each exhibit is kicked off with a Meet the Artist Reception. The calendar offers many choices.

APCC youth programming is extensive. There are clubs, sports, tutoring, and field trips along with educational and job support.

Summer Festivals

June 1 Annual Sawasdee Thailand Festival
July 21-27 Annual Samoa Cultural Week
August 24 Annual Polynesian Luau
September TBA Annual Marshall Islands Day
September 21 ChuSeok Korean Festival (Tacoma)
September 28 ChuSeok Korean Festival (Gig Harbor)

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