Boba Tea Bringing Joy to Their Community

Boba Tea Bringing Joy to Their Community

Tammy Phan and her husband Timothy Yang grew up in the Tacoma area spending some of their first dates at boba tea locations. When the opportunity to open the franchise Bober Tea and Mochi Dough presented itself, they realized it was a wonderful combination of their desire to create joy with their love of boba tea.

According to research, the number of bubble tea shops in the U.S. grew by 23.4% from the previous year to more than 3000, with the upward trend appearing to continue.

“The boba tea market is huge and I welcome more of them to open — spreading the love of bubble tea so it becomes like coffee,” said Phan. “The Bober brand is very high-quality and a great combination with our made-fresh-daily mochi donuts.”

“Mochi donuts have a fun design that makes them perfect for sharing because you can easily pull them apart at the beads.” Mochi donuts use rice flour instead of the traditional yeast donuts many of us are more familiar with to create the airy, chewy-on-theinside, crispy-on-the-outside, “pon de ring” shaped donut.

Located in Green Firs Towne Center near Trader Joes in University Place, Bober Tea and Mochi Dough opened in September of 2023 and has been providing six varieties of fresh donuts made every morning. You’ll always find these tasty treats in churro, funnel cake and taro glazed, with three other offerings varying from day to day.

“Community is so important to me. From our customers to our staff family, I really want everyone to experience extra joy,” said Phan. With a goal of creating long-lasting relationships, she hopes that through her new business she can spark joy and more people will find ways to celebrate and enjoy a new treat.

To sample these premium Japanese donuts and high-quality boba tea drinks, visit the Bober Tea and Mochi Dough store in Green Firs Towne Center on Bridgeport in University Place.

Bober Tea and Mochi Dough