Drying sails at Camden harbor

Drying Sails, 9X12, oil on canvasboard, $869 framed includes shipping and handling in continental US.

I have paintings in Camden for the first time in several years. They’re at Lone Pine Real Estate at 19 Elm Street, which is a very good location indeed. Rachael Umstead, the owner, is one of my church buddies and the mother of two very entertaining boys. She and her staff have made a great success of the office. It’s downright swank, something I could never manage in a million years.

Camden harbor is a terrific place to paint boats, and I love bringing students there. You can get a hot dog (or something fishy) and a soda at Harbor Dogs, which has been there for more than 50 years. Ambience? None, if what you’re looking for is fine dining. I’m more inclined to sit in the sun and watch the schooners, the little kids fishing, and the ducks.

That painting under way.

It’s always fun to paint at the harbor after a stiff rain. Sailors will be busy bailing out their dinghies and raising sails to dry. That creates a lovely geometry of docks, sail and other boats.

I painted Drying Sails with my pal Björn Runquist. We were practicing our chip shots for Camden on Canvas, although I no longer remember why we felt that was necessary. I do remember that I encouraged Björn to paint one of the schooners, who waited until he was well underway and then dropped her frills. Sorry, Björn.

Another day, another iteration of the same subject. (Private collection.)

Camden harbor is one of the must-paint places for my students at my July workshop, which is right around the corner. If you’re considering it, you want to register soon, since it’s both close and nearly filled up. My other workshops are listed below.) And if you’re coming from out of town, email me and I’ll give you some suggestions about where to stay—the Maine coast fills up fast during the summer months.

My 2024 workshops:

  • Painting in Paradise: Rockport, ME, July 8-12, 2024.
  • Sea & Sky at Schoodic, August 4-9, 2024.
  • Find your authentic voice in plein air: Berkshires, August 12-16, 2024.
  • Art and Adventure at Sea: Paint Aboard Schooner American Eagle, September 15-19, 2024.
  • Immersive In-Person Workshop: Rockport, ME, October 7-11, 2024.