OlyFed: Positioned to Meet the Needs of Their Growing Community

OlyFed: Positioned to Meet the Needs of Their Growing Community

So, you moved to Thurston County recently. Congratulations! You’re one of more than 20,000 new people who have moved to this beautiful area over the past five years. According to Ryan Betz, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Olympia Federal Savings, “This growth brings diversity, new economic opportunities, housing options, cultural experiences and so much more. OlyFed is being intentional to meet the needs of our new neighbors moving to the area.”

Over the last few years, OlyFed has added several programs including a dedicated business team to support the hundreds of local businesses that have opened in the area. This team has credible relationships with local developers and a lot of lender expertise to advise their business clients and drive their success.

Post-pandemic, many people have changed the way they bank, preferring to manage their finances digitally rather than in person. To accommodate this change, OlyFed created a new centralized customer care center to respond quickly to phone calls, emails and text messages from those who prefer to do business virtually.

If you need wealth management and financial services, OlyFed has a team to help you navigate retirement and long-term planning needs, along with sound investment strategies. “We’ve been around for more than 117 years so you can be assured we will make the best decision for you, our customer, as we’re focused on excellence in service and support, not selling products for our own benefit,” said Betz. As a mutual bank, OlyFed is accountable to their depositors and borrowers, not shareholders, putting people above the bottom line.

The future at OlyFed will see the continued expansion of their digital bank offerings at olyfed.com and their in-person support through their growing network of eight local branches. Even better, if you’re looking to purchase a home or advance your financial knowledge and insight, OlyFed is known locally for its community education offerings.

“At OlyFed, our business model is to grow right along with our community because we want to be a meaningful resource,” Betz said. “We believe building trusted and caring relationships keep us successful, so we take the time to get to know people and demonstrate our values of doing the right thing. That is why we invest, volunteer, and support our community so generously.”

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