Pacific Northwest Medical Group offers Real Results

Pacific Northwest Medical Group offers Real Results

Dedicated to helping with Weight Loss Management, the Pacific Northwest Medical Group just opened their first location in Puyallup.  Through excellent customer service and no tricks or pricing gimmicks, Puyallup residents and owners of PNW Medical Group Daryl and Jennifer Welsh, are committed to helping people transform their lives using FDA approved medicines with positive support.

According to Daryl, “while our prices are competitive, what sets us apart from cheaper on-line options is our excellent customer service that includes group meetings and a specialized app to assist you in getting clarification.”  PNW Medical Group provides a consultation appointment and medical prescriptions for free.  The patient pays for the medication only, unlike many other clinics that charge a monthly fee or other hidden costs.

“Our goal is to help people hit their milestones which may include getting off other medicines or eliminating pain from knees or other ailments caused from carrying too much weight,” said Daryl.   Because PNW Medical Group provides the medicine on site as a licensed clinic, patients receive their medicine immediately and avoid the wait that comes when ordering on-line.  This means patients start their journey sooner and may hit their goals that much more quickly.

During the initial consultation, a customized plan for an individual’s needs is developed. PNW Medical Group dives into understanding past weight management efforts, the patient’s motivations, and their strengths to develop the plan.  Through the careful administration of Semaglutide (Ozempic) and Tirzepatide (Mounjaro), patients receive effective results without stringent dieting and exercise.

“We believe in real support, real results and real transformation because we know people do best when they are supported.”    With state certified and licensed medical practitioners, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment, PNW Medical Group is solely focused on helping their clients change their lives.

The new Puyallup clinic is located on 112th Street East near Costco.  “We wanted to locate in Puyallup because it was a perfect building space for us and it was so close to our home.,” said Daryl.  “And, because there is a need. ”To learn more about Pacific Northwest Medical Group, visit