Paint your dreams | Carol L. Douglas

Paint your dreams | Carol L. Douglas

Ravenous Wolves, oil on canvas, 24X30, $3,478.00 framed contains shipping and managing in continental US.

I was fishing all over on my desk and identified an outdated Zoom class outline with a scrawled note that go through, “paint your dreams.” Alas, I can not try to remember the context or who claimed it, but it struck me as wise assistance.

What does “paint your dreams” even mean?

“Paint your dreams” is used metaphorically to convey the thought of visualizing our aspirations and plans.

When a person states “paint your goals,” they’re encouraging you to articulate your dreams as a first action towards building them a fact. But in this article I’m talking about literal painting: a visual exploration of your hopes and goals.

I really don’t consider it would do the job for our nighttime desires, which often have a menacing overtone. “I aspiration of portray and then I paint my dream,” Vincent van Gogh wrote. That was superior for artwork, but potentially negative for his psychological wellness. Anyways, most goals are senseless to everybody but the dreamer. I simply cannot imagine they’d be more entertaining visually than they are above espresso.

That does not necessarily mean we simply cannot paint with a dreamlike top quality Van Gogh and Marc Chagall were equally masters at this. But I suspect my university student intended we are supposed to paint our aspirations.

Lonely Cabin, 8X10, oil on archival canvasboard, $652 involves shipping and delivery and managing in continental US.

Do I even allow myself to desire?

Most of us gussy up our goals in practical phrases: our bucket list. Even worse, our dreams can be guilt-driven, like “spend additional time with my elderly Mother.” Neither of these are gut desires.

It’s extremely difficult for me to drill previous that. I have a pretty satisfying life. I like my function, my household, and my church. Continue to, I have some items I have by no means made time for, like:

  • Get well my singing voice, which I have neglected for the past 35 a long time
  • Learn to preach merely, logically, and convincingly
  • Do extra traveling just for entertaining.
  • Get strong enough to climb large peaks in a one sure.

It is straightforward to articulate our desires when we’re youthful it’s tougher when we have lived some of them, disposed of some, and recognized that some others are unattainable. (My occupation as a ballerina was above prior to it started off.) If this workout goes no farther, it’s gotten me to articulate what my dreams are.

Midnight at the Wooden Great deal, oil on archival canvasboard, $1449.00 framed includes delivery and dealing with within continental US.

How would I paint people things?

My friend and university student Cassie Sano painted a pair of songbirds for my State-of-the-art Portray class this 7 days. (That class is whole of hen men and women. This week we also experienced a raven discussion and some watercolor ducks.)

Would painting birds enable me regain my singing voice? Potentially, due to the fact when I to start with arrived to the Maine coastline I painted boats, and now I get to train on just one each year. I’m painting a scene from my final extended ramble in Britain ideal now. It’s building me thrilled for my next 1, which will be in late May.

Total, however, I’m a lot more most likely to draw my goals, due to the fact I have notebooks filled with stream-of-consciousness visible ramblings.

Winter season lambing, oil on linen, 30X40, $5072 framed, involves shipping and delivery and dealing with in continental US.

What about you?

Can you clearly outline what you want to accomplish in this life? If so, do you think you can paint that? Do you have the visible language to connect and reinforce your aims?

My 2024 workshops:

  • Portray in Paradise: Rockport, ME, July 8-12, 2024.
  • Sea & Sky at Schoodic, August 4-9, 2024.
  • Come across your genuine voice in plein air: Berkshires, August 12-16, 2024.
  • Artwork and Adventure at Sea: Paint Aboard Schooner American Eagle, September 15-19, 2024.
  • Immersive In-Individual Workshop: Rockport, ME, October 7-11, 2024.