Small Town Charm at Meeker Mercantile

Small Town Charm at Meeker Mercantile

Discover the small-town charm of Meeker Mercantile in Puyallup for all things unique and giftable. 

The new boutique opened this winter, offering a space for local creators and makers to showcase their goods, along with a variety of clothing, art, and home decor items from additional small business brands.

Conceived by the dynamic duo of Catie Diaz and Laura Romero, the two joined forces back in 2021 when they started the Puyallup Night Market. 

“We worked with a local nonprofit when we launched the Puyallup Night Market,” says Laura. “Our hope and idea then was to create a place where makers and creatives could still sell and showcase what they were doing when most everything had shut down during COVID.” 

Although they’ve since moved on from the Puyallup Night Market, their heart for community remains.

Today, they can be found at the Meeker Street shop where the majority of items featured are made by local entrepreneurs. With many vendors unable to open a retail shop of their own, the Mercantile gives them a chance to take ownership of a smaller space for creating, displaying, and sending their goods out into the world. 

“It’s really cool because Catie and I can look around our shop and tell you a story about every single vendor that is in here and why we love them, not only as a creator, but just simply as a person,” says Laura. “That’s the difference when it comes to shopping small. You’re supporting an actual person versus when you buy something on Amazon, which is less tangible.”

From one-of-a-kind paintings, watercolor prints, and wood art, to hair accessories, candles, jewelry, and more—it’s a one-stop shop for all things that make gift giving a cinch.    

“That’s really our heart,” says Laura.  “We love to support other people. And so it’s the perfect opportunity for us because we get to be the biggest cheerleaders for each and every vendor in here.” 

Meeker Mercantile