Tacoma Little Theatre Hosts Students on Stage

Tacoma Little Theatre Hosts Students on Stage

More than 105 years ago, an ambitious group of civic-minded community members founded the Tacoma Chapter of the Drama League of America, known today as the Tacoma Little Theatre. Even today, their goal to promote theater, the study of theatrical literature and culture as a means of community building, is alive and well.

According to Chris Serface, the Managing Artistic Director at Tacoma Little Theatre, “We are a destination for every theatre goer no matter what age. We are going to give you the theater you want to see and the theater you didn’t know you wanted to see by challenging you with non-mainstream works of art.”

With a mission to provide live theater and educational programs that inspire through stories reflecting the vibrancy of their diverse community, Tacoma Little Theatre offers the Students on Stage program. This outreach program is designed to bring educational theater experiences to local elementary and middle schools.

“This program is especially important for this age group when so many school districts have been forced to cut funding for performing arts programs,” said Serface recently. An Olympia native, Serface discovered his own love of theater at an early age as demonstrated by his time as a Capital Playhouse board member at the ripe old age of 17.

Typically helping to implement four programs a year, the performances range from a variety of musical and non-musical options, all designed to bring the importance and value of art into students’ learning. Tacoma Little Theatre supplies the instructors, some minimal sets, costumes, and props to the local participating schools, usually working through their PTAs. Previous shows have included Wizard of Oz (non-musical), Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan Jr., Pirates!, The Musical, and Jungle Book Kids.

Students will spend five to six weeks rehearsing the production with all programs concluding through a single performance or a weekends’ worth of shows. Participants learn new techniques and theatrical styles to help them as artists and supply them with valuable skills they can apply to their everyday life.

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