Team RED Gets Things DONE

Team RED Gets Things DONE

The transition from living on your own to needing skilled medical care can happen practically overnight. After suffering a fall and recovering from COVID-19, Sara Fasoli’s
parents were in just such a position. They had lived in their family home in the Issaquah area since 1972 when they purchased it for just $14,000. Fast forward 52 years and they needed immediate help.

“Reality came so quick,” said Fasoli. “I was weighing my options about the family home when my aunt recommended I talk to Kathy Kleber.” Living out-of-state in Lincoln, Nebraska, Fasoli needed more than just what a typical realtor provides. Kleber and her Team RED (Resourceful, Experienced, and Dedicated) members provided the expertise and resources to help Fasoli from start to finish.

Early on, Kleber helped Fasoli and her sister navigate gap financing which allowed them to access the home’s equity ahead of its sale to pay for their mom and dad’s immediate medical needs. She also assisted with an attorney to prepare legal documents so Fasoli could sell the house and act on her parents’ behalf as their power of attorney. Utilizing her resources, Kleber had inspectors to evaluate the condition of the house and contractors to make the suggested repairs that would ensure the property would sell quickly while providing its best return on investment. Once sold, she provided the move-out support for auction, donation, and discard.

“She is not only professional, but she has a team that delivers results,” said Fasoli. From providing the dump guy to a gardener, Team RED oversaw the project of bringing the home and property to a level that allowed it to sell in one week. “I needed someone to make this old house look pretty.” “Sara and her sister were amazing family support. Our job was to come beside them and to make their job just a little easier,” said Kleber. “In the end, we were able to help the family get far more for the house than they thought possible.”

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